oh wow thank you so much i just started watching doctor who and im almost finished with season one of new who and there are like no good torrents for the earlier season and i have to download them bc i have a dumb internet cap so i cant just watch constantly on netflix so thank you so much for uploading all of these and giving us the links wow you are perfect :')

Aww thanks for the love :D And welcome to the fandom!

Believe me, the series just gets better! I know there is a lot of bad-mouthing on Steven Moffat, but I like his version of DW, rather than Russel T Davis.(they are the story runners) But yeah, only better.

Hi there sorry to be a bother, but I was wondering if you knew where someone could find a link to the Deep Breath script?

Hmm.. No unfortunaly not.. Have you tried the doctor who forum?

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heeeeey, what time will be Time Heist here to download???

1 h AFTER it has aired :)

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What's The Doctors Revisited?

It’s bio’s of the 11 (minus Capaldi) doctors.

You know when they talk about each doctor, and by they I mean some of the cast, some of the producers and some of the directors. 

They are not that long, and give a bit more knowledge about each doctor.

I meant: 2MBps, 5, 10, 15, etc... i can't explain it well, i'm spanish...

I think 2? Lol.. I’m sorry I am quite bad at these things :S

What? You upload is about 150-200 kBits? Mine is 35-40 '-' Internet plan of 5 MB, what about you:?

LOL, maybe it’s wrong.. uhm.. what is an internet plan?

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you're the best

Thanks :)

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It constantly says "temporary error" even though I've been trying all day. The other s8 episodes downloaded fine but just not deep breath.

That is an error on MEGA, I can’t really do much, but it usually works after a few days :)