so don't you live in the UK?

Noo.. I live in Denmark.. that’s underneath Norway and above Germany..

did u go to DW World Tour?

No unfortunately they didn’t come by my country :(

How about you?


hello i'm brazilian and i love your work thx


Ok... I would like to watch the season 7 in AVI 'cause I'm brazilian and I'm not that good in English, so I have to use subtitles. The thing is... MP4 videos don't accept subtitles. And that is a problem to me. Anyway, I've already downloaded the whole season 7 in AVI. I just want to know: will you upload the season 8 in AVI? Please, please, please. Thanks so much for your work.

Try downloading vlc player.. usually helps.

Sure. That much I can do :D

Could you PLEASE post the whole season 7 in AVI? Thanks so much!

No. I don’t feel like it sorry. 

But you should be able to watch mp4 files as easily as avi files…

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S05xE04a - The Enemy of the World (Episode 1).mp4&#160;280.6&#160;MB!pctGiBRD!CewyTjc3PjpBxGRFDYt9aS4oPZ8yuz9jLXdGdK_yQV0
S05xE04b - The Enemy of the World (Episode 2).mp4&#160;280.2&#160;MB!8c1GFBLD!OhR2u2RRFWxsAk9sHEK9mXkCF4YHYWbCG6zy5k8fg38
S05xE04c - The Enemy of the World (Episode 3).mp4&#160;341.9&#160;MB!1JVjyTiZ!LC2gMS9OIaOCSZMszsOICGOKCFw01rlUlfVfySPVYjk
S05xE04d - The Enemy of the World (Episode 4).mp4&#160;273.1&#160;MB!RcVkjQAK!In9BLkvdEYPiiw0Gls593WXDj_zdgGQJ6qaOsinBezg
S05xE04e - The Enemy of the World (Episode 5).mp4&#160;286.8&#160;MB!YJUAGTYL!JXJN9O_leQB1exTZbP1YTvGjQ605s-EIrFTKn09fNrg
S05xE04f - The Enemy of the World (Episode 6).mp4&#160;253.9&#160;MB!hBdnzJBI!uOezU88qVDIgIDwSM60eSPa2SX_YnYJ2kcWYK48OWx4

S05xE04a - The Enemy of the World (Episode 1).mp4 280.6 MB!pctGiBRD!CewyTjc3PjpBxGRFDYt9aS4oPZ8yuz9jLXdGdK_yQV0

S05xE04b - The Enemy of the World (Episode 2).mp4 280.2 MB!8c1GFBLD!OhR2u2RRFWxsAk9sHEK9mXkCF4YHYWbCG6zy5k8fg38

S05xE04c - The Enemy of the World (Episode 3).mp4 341.9 MB!1JVjyTiZ!LC2gMS9OIaOCSZMszsOICGOKCFw01rlUlfVfySPVYjk

S05xE04d - The Enemy of the World (Episode 4).mp4 273.1 MB!RcVkjQAK!In9BLkvdEYPiiw0Gls593WXDj_zdgGQJ6qaOsinBezg

S05xE04e - The Enemy of the World (Episode 5).mp4 286.8 MB!YJUAGTYL!JXJN9O_leQB1exTZbP1YTvGjQ605s-EIrFTKn09fNrg

S05xE04f - The Enemy of the World (Episode 6).mp4 253.9 MB!hBdnzJBI!uOezU88qVDIgIDwSM60eSPa2SX_YnYJ2kcWYK48OWx4

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11th Doctor navi: done! 

10th Doctor navi: done!

9th Doctor navi: done!

8th Doctor navi: done!

7th Doctor navi: done!

6th Doctor navi: done!

5th Doctor navi: pending

4th Doctor navi: pending

3rd Doctor navi: done!

2nd Doctor navi: done!

1st Doctor navi: done!

7 DOWN… 4 to go!

I’m almost done! Need just 2Q

Little update.

Hello again. Sorry for constant writing and updates. But since Season 8 is coming soon and to save myself from writing the same message over and over again I’ll do it now. This is just a notice to the new followers and a reminder to the older followers.

Season 8 will starts 23rd August 2014 at 8PM in the UK. That means, at around 9PM UK time it will be uploaded and available for download here, UNLESS I write or annouce otherwise. Since I am watching it on air.

That said, I have found a missing episode from Classic Who: Season 5 “The Enemy of the World” - Which I think I’ll upload soon.

Have you ever had anyone report any viruses or damage done by the MEGA downloads?

What, no!? Is there any? Omg… seriously?