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Hi I try to download Into the dalek but it need a decryption key to unlock the episode,can you fix the link thanks

Fixed it.!vRMRWCyK!Z-ENZJTY5ap47cXeD2Bxo5vGJ-cEK3iuy69iI-EQbBo

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Hey, maybe you already have 50 messages saying this, but just in case: the 'Into the Dalek' link doesn't work because it links to /#!vRMRWCyK instead of the full link /#!vRMRWCyK!Z-ENZJTY5ap47cXeD2Bxo5vGJ-cEK3iuy69iI-EQbBo Just thought I'd let you know.

Lol, yeah.. something like that.

I fixed it though :D

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your into the dalek link isn't working for me??! help??!

It should be working now :)

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Will you be uploading all episodes in season 8 after each one premieres?

Yes! Episode 2 is coming soon! It’s just my upload speed is very slow for some reason.. Well either that or MEGA is being an ass again :P

But it should be up soon!

I'm very sad, not with you, anyway. So you're not going to upload DW in AVI anymore, eh? Ok, i like your blog so so much, thanks for your hardwork, but I'm going to stop accessing the website because of the format problem. I just wanted to say: THANKS FOR YOUR WORK!! THE WORLD (and I) <3 <3 YOU! And goodbye.

Sorry for the let down, and thank you for the sweet words 😊


I know I said I would upload the avi version, but unfortunatly I am not able to, as MEGA is not letting me.. I’m having the same issue with other serials I’m uploading. It’s really funny because no one has ever asked for avi before, like with other serials so I never had this problem before.

But if you can’t download VLC or MPC, WMP should be able to play it, and if it doesn’t you really have no codecs. If you refuse to download the player, try download the codecs:

It really is easy, but I recommend you download Media Player Classic or VLC if you’re not familiar with computer media:


are you sure you can play it on media player? its not letting me

Media player classic or windows media player?

Thank you so much for uploading the new doctor who episode!! After 10 minutes of searching you're the first one I found. <3 Life saver!

Do you have Dr. Who and the Daleks on here?

No sorry.. :/