Anonymous asked: I don't know how the mega works. I've been downloading it and I don't know how much progress I have since downloading. By the way, thanks for links! Been looking for "The Time of The Doctor' for a while now. Had to admit I used to ignore Dr Who. I've known it for years. I just realized how stupid I am just to notice it now. New fan of Dr Who for a month and been doing a marathon for a month now. :D

I’ll show you how to download in few steps:

1. Find the episode(s) you want:

I picked the eleventh doctor :)

2. Choose the episode:

I picked one of my favorite eps :)

3. Click on the mega link:

4. The link should get you to the mega download page, and you click on the red botton:

5. After clicking the download button you should see this:

6. This picture means that it’s almost finished! (not done)

7. This is how it looks when done:

Hope it works! :) Do tell if you have problems!

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Anonymous asked: Hi, first of all thank you for all the links. I would like to ask you if you have any idea how many gigabytes the whole classic series is? Love from Italy. :D

The whole thing should be about 280-300GB, I can’t remember since I deleted all from my computer.. But I’m not sure if that is with or without the new who seasons… but from 280 to 300 gb.. :)

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fightingdrangonswithtay asked: Hello sweetie, so i just want to watch Doctor Who's 2x13 episode to cry a little bit haha, so if you have a link where i can download it i will love you forever. Thank you!

Hmm if you look at the menu on my blog, you should look for the 10th doctor.. And then go down to S02E13 “Doomsday”.. You’ll recognie the picture hehe :)

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gloriusponnds asked: asdfghjkl thank you so much for being the awesomest person ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously I have been looking for download links forever!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making my life a helluva lot easier!!!!! <3

I am awsome! :P *jk*

Thanks for the sweet words and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did :D

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chem-is-amani asked: Heeyy you are sooo lovely for posting the links to download the episodes, and you even use MEGA! I <3 U

MEGA is easier for you and for me, so why not! :)

Thanks for your sweet words!

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thedoctorisclueingforlooks asked: You are amazing! Thank you so much for this blog. Lots of virtual hugs

Thanks & you’re welcome! *hugging you back*

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paradoxtheponygod asked: Uhm... I clicked on multiple links and they all said the web page was either down or moved. And yes I tried the folder link.

Can you screen cap the situation? :)

Gives me a better idea of how to fix your problemĀ 

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Anonymous asked: oh my god, i'm so sorry! I asked if you had the Time of the Doctor, but I didn't notice you'd already posted it! I'm so sorry.

It’s okay! As long as you found it hehe :D

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Anonymous asked: Thank you so much for using MEGA! Thank you so much for using MEGA! Thank you so much for using MEGA! Thank you so much for using MEGA! Thank you so much for using MEGA! Thank you so much for using MEGA! (see what I did there)

Hahaha I did, and you are welcome :)

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you-need-a-hand-to-hold asked: I just want to say thank you so so much for all these links! I've been looking for them for so long! You're extremely nice for putting these up! I can't thank you enough. THANK YOU. XXXXXXXXX

You are very much welcome :)

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