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What's The Doctors Revisited?

It’s bio’s of the 11 (minus Capaldi) doctors.

You know when they talk about each doctor, and by they I mean some of the cast, some of the producers and some of the directors. 

They are not that long, and give a bit more knowledge about each doctor.

I meant: 2MBps, 5, 10, 15, etc... i can't explain it well, i'm spanish...

I think 2? Lol.. I’m sorry I am quite bad at these things :S

What? You upload is about 150-200 kBits? Mine is 35-40 '-' Internet plan of 5 MB, what about you:?

LOL, maybe it’s wrong.. uhm.. what is an internet plan?

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you're the best

Thanks :)

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It constantly says "temporary error" even though I've been trying all day. The other s8 episodes downloaded fine but just not deep breath.

That is an error on MEGA, I can’t really do much, but it usually works after a few days :)

Man your site is an absolute god send and thank you for taking the time to upload all of these. Can I make one request and that's if you have the women of Dr Who? I've noticed it's on BBC America but can't access it. Thanks and keep up the good work

Hi :) Here you go:!zEc0jbJR!2SKZnCdSfdFMJwpliNIgfdmgJpPaAfF_Au698OntMUM

hey thanks for uploading all new whos! but the latest episode's link seems to be broken, i can't open it. keep up the good work :)

No, it’s working?

You're saying you upload is slow. How many kBits per second is it?

Varies, but usually 150-200 :(

Hey, the deep breath download isn't working for me?

How come? What is it saying? 

try again:!OV8UVapT!3PDTCRuvKJvdpVhcbbxXcymKXBIJfGzqApOhzAj_Nfg

Hello! I have a problem with downloading S22 E4 Part 3, The Two Doctors, last Episode, since a few days. Everytime it says temporary error, retrying. If I load it as a file it says the MBs, as a ZIP not. If I try to download the hole episode (with all 3 parts),it says me only 1,29 MB, this is for the first two episodes. Would you be so kind and check this? By the way: Your Page is amazing. Thanks a lot for doing this page! Kind regards, Doris

Hi :)

Hmm, I’ve been trying the links and I see your problem, but I can’t really do anything about MEGA and their temporary errors.. They kind of are there beacuse of an error in their system. But the files are still there on MEGA, and I am still able to see them :/

I have sent a mail to MEGA asking for help, so I’m currently waiting for response. :)